About LifeFilmLove

I started writing this blog a week after I began my first year at university, back in the fall of 2015. It was a very frightening decision; I had not shared my passion for film with anyone besides some relatives and friends. At first, I used it as a way of getting through the day, making it through the week, as I was not in a good place mentally and had too much free time on my hands. Instead of partying, as my peers did, I wrote. As the months went on, and eventually, as the years went on, LifeFilmLove became my dear companion,  a safe place where I try to talk about movies in a way that is not too distant from the average viewer and yet where I still can fully express what is on my mind. I have always done my best to produce interesting material, thus introducing readers from all over the world to some lesser known films, ambitious themes and thought provoking stories. I wanted LifeFilmLove itself to be an experience.

I am thankful for everything this blog has brought my way, all the kind words and intelligent remarks. I will keep writing, and I hope most of you will eventually look at film as an art form in your own, personal way and be able to share it with others, because that’s what film is all about – passion.


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