Questions and Thoughts of Crazy Minds

Hi. I’ve been thinking about writing a short post about some stuff I’ve been wondering about lately. What goes on in a director’s head when thinking about his audience and their response to his movie?

These are some of the directors I’ve thought about.

Martin Scorsese – This is what I believe in. This is part of me and my existence. These characters are part of the reality I’ve encountered in my life. This is what I want to know.

Stanley Kubrick – The cinematic medium was created in order to find the flaws within ourselves. This is who we are. Deal with it.

Krzysztof Kieslowski – We are a society of individuals. You’re an individual. Look at yourself. Look at how much you got, look at your family, look around you. Can you dare to look closer?

Pedro Almodovar – Do you see similarities to your daily life? Well, that’s because even the simplest of all things can be cinematic.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu – How far will you follow these characters I’ve created? Are you afraid?

Lynne Ramsay – Even cruelty and pain can be poetic.

Federico Fellini – We must laugh at ourselves. If you don’t laugh at yourself, at your heritage and background, how can you call yourself a human being?

Lars Von Trier – Humans are filthy animals living in a make believe world. You don’t like it? Fuck you. I’ll manipulate you into anything.

Ingmar Bergman – I’m afraid of faith. I’m afraid of a lot things. You are too.

Sofia Coppola – We are who we are. Our lives are weird, so what? There’s more to our lives than we know of.

David Lynch – What you’re about to see is what goes on in my mind. Try to cope with me and you’ll learn a thing or two about movies, and maybe even about yourself.

Abbas Kiarostami – What happens after life? I don’t know, but do you know we’re really here? I can’t give you answers and even if I could, I wouldn’t.

Andrei Tarkovsky – We make our own bed. We’ve been doing it for ages. I want you to get lost in my vision. And you can be sure, that if you feel, you’ll get lost without a doubt.

John Cassavetes – Aren’t you curious about the mysteries of love? That’s what I’m going after. That’s my mission. You can come along if you want, I don’t care.

Joel and Ethan Coen – There is no explanation for what we’re about to show you. Try to figure it out by yourself.

David Fincher – Who’s in control? That’s the question I want you to answer. Who’s the most powerful in this situation?

Quentin Tarantino – Let’s see if you can figure out what movies I stole from. Isn’t it fun to look at?

Woody Allen – Look at how much I know. How cool am I? I can recite all of Freud’s work. Yeah, everybody else just sucks. Diane Keaton too.


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